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J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:245-407
Research Articles
Effectiveness of the Invisalign Mandibular Advancement Appliance in Children with Class II Division 1 Malocclusion
So-Youn An , Hyeon-Jin Kim , Ho-Uk Lee , Sang-Ho Bak , Hyo-Jin Kang , and Youn-Soo Shim
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:245-254
A Study on the General Public’s Perceptions of Dental Fear Using Unstructured Big Data
Han-A Cho and Bo-Young Park
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:255-263
Influence of 10-Methacryloyloxydecyl Dihydrogen Phosphate on Cellular Senescence in Osteoblast-Like Cells
Ju Yeon Ban and Sang-Im Lee
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:264-270
The Relationship between Metacognition, Learning Flow, and Problem-Solving Ability of Dental Hygiene Students
Soo-Auk Park
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:271-281
Secreotory Leukocyte Protease Inhibitor Regulates Bone Formation via RANKL, OPG, and Runx2 in Rat Periodontitis and MC3T3-E1 Preosteoblast
Seung-Yeon Lee , Soon-Jeong Jeong , Myoung-Hwa Lee , Se-Hyun Hwang , Do-Seon Lim , and Moon-Jin Jeong
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:282-295
Effects of Gossypetin from Hibiscus sabdariffa on Interleukin-6 Production in Porphyromonas gingivalis Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated Human Gingival Fibroblasts
Ke Huang and Ki-Rim Kim
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:296-301
A Study on the Network Text Analysis about Oral Health in Aging-Well
Seol-Hee Kim
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:302-311
The Influence of Maternal Educational Level on the Oral Health Behavior of Korean Adults
Young-Eun Jang and Su-Kyung Park
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:312-319
Comparison of the Tongue-Palate Pressure Patterns According to the Tongue Pressure in Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Min-Ji Jo , Soo-Min Kim , Seong-Chan Park , Hye-Jin Park , Yun-Seon Lee , Tae-Woo Kim , Ji-Seon Hong , Eui-Yeon Lee , Sung-Hoon Kim , and Sun-Young Han
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:320-329
Influence of Job Crafting on Evidence-Based Practical Skills of Dental Hygienists
Min-ji Kim , Kyu-ri Kim , Yun-ji Kim , Seo-yeon Im , You-bin Cho , Ru-by Choi , and Hee-jung Lim
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:330-342
Bacterial Contamination of Digital Panoramic Dental X-Ray Equipment
Lee-Rang Im , Ji-Hyun Min , and Ki-Rim Kim
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:343-350
Tooth Lightness Changes with Listerine Healthy White after Application of Tooth-Coloring-Inducing Foods
Moon-Jin Jeong , Jung-Hui Son , Soon-Jeong Jeong , Ye-Jin Kim , Hee-Jung Lim , Im-Hee Jung , and Do-Seon Lim
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:351-360
Differences in Perception of Quality Dental Job Conditions and Job Satisfaction between Dentists and Dental Hygienists
Mi-Sook Yoon and Bo-Young Park
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:361-368
Development of Hair Keratin Protein to Accelerate Oral Mucosal Regeneration
So-Yeon Kim
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:369-377
Evaluation of Sex and Age Factors Contributing to the Diagnosis of Oral Frailty in Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Eun-Ha Jung and Sun-Young Han
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:378-388
Antibacterial Efficacy of Dental Sealant Containing Phytoncide
Song-Yi Yang and Myung-Jin Lee
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:389-395
A Study on the Awareness of Dental Hygienists on Maternity Protection and Work-Family Balance Assistance Policy
Seon-Hui Kwak , Bo-Mi Shin , and Soo-Myoung Bae
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:396-407
The Journal of Dental Hygiene Science is an official journal of The Korean Society of Dental Hygiene Science. It was launched in 2001, and accepts original research articles, reviews, short communications, case reports in the fields of Dental Hygiene.

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Analysis of Needs for Clinical Dental Hygienist’s Performances Using Borich Needs Assessment and the Locus for Focus Model
Yang-Keum Han and An-Na Yeo
Received January 9, 2023; Accepted February 13, 2023.
Effects of Different Types of Ramen Sauce on Bovine Tooth Discoloration
Ha-Eun Kim, Hee-Jung Lim, Hyeon-Gyeong Noh, Hye-Min Bae, Hye-Young Lee, and Do-Seon Lim
Received January 31, 2023; Accepted March 9, 2023.
Silver Diamine Fluoride Compound for Dental Caries and Its Characterisation Using Microscopic Computed Tomography and Nanoindentation
So-Youn An, Myung-Jin Lee, Min-Kyung Kang, and Youn-Soo Shim
Received February 27, 2023; Accepted March 23, 2023.