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Table 3

Comparison of the Mean L* Values ​​or Coffee-Stained Tooth Specimens

Group n After 14 days of bleaching treatment After anti-pigmentation treatment After coloring treatment p-value
G1S+C* 6 - 70.97±1.40A 55.97±8.28aB 0.010
G2B+S+C 5 71.99±1.80A 70.72±2.60A 66.87±1.90bB <0.001
G3B+FV+S+C 4 72.04±1.37A 69.80±1.63A 63.19±6.10bB <0.001
G4B+RI+S+C 4 71.18±0.24A 70.99±0.83A 64.39±2.70bB <0.001
G5B+E+RI+S+C 5 71.72±1.11A 71.86±0.64A 64.56±3.22bB <0.001
p-value†† 0.629 0.389 0.026

*In group 1, as a negative control group, whitening treatment was not performed and only artificial saliva immersion and coloring treatment were performed.

p-value obtained by performing repeated measured ANOVA analysis.

††p-value obtained by performing Kruskal–Wallis H analysis.

a, bshows the differences in L* values ​​etween the groups from 1 to 5.

A, Brepresent the differences in L values after bleaching, after treatment, and after discoloration.

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