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Table 1

Job Satisfaction Factors

Practice activityI perform well in practice (medical affairs, administration, counseling, management support).3.54±0.77
I feel that my ability to solve problems has improved compared to the past.3.92±0.80
I am satisfied that my opinions are reflected in the dental operation.3.28±0.92
I am satisfied that I am in various practice (medical affairs, administration, counseling, management support).3.30±0.87
I am good at dental care.3.57±0.90
I am satisfied that my opinion is reflected in the medical treatment.3.46±0.87
Professional satisfactionI feel quite proud to be a dental hygienist.3.47±0.90
If my child were interested in dental hygiene, I would encourage him/her to pursue a dental career.3.25±1.08
I think dental hygienists are professional.3.83±0.93
I will continue my dental hygienist until conditions are met.3.60±1.00
I think dental hygienists are more differentiated than other occupations.3.45±0.97
IncomeI am currently satisfied with my income.2.75±0.99
I am very pleased with my income compared to other dental hygienist.2.81±1.00
My income compares favorably to that of other professionals.2.77±1.04
Working conditionsOur dental clinic working hours are sufficient for leisure.3.17±1.08
I am happy with the separation between working hours and personal hours after work.3.54±0.96
I have plenty of time to improve my clinical skills.3.26±0.89
I have enough time to perform my practice at the time of treatment.3.28±0.92
Patient relationsI feel that patients respect me.3.38±0.86
I feel intimate with the patients.3.46±0.84
I am satisfied with the patient’s help.3.80±0.75
Co-worker relationsThe members (partners, bosses, and juniors) who work with me have high medical performance.3.61±0.85
Good teamwork between members (partners, bosses, and juniors) working with me.3.63±0.81
The members (colleagues, bosses, juniors) who work with me favorably do what I do.3.73±0.84

Values are presented as mean±standard deviation.

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