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Table 3

Difference between Work–Family Balance and Work–Family Balance System Perception, Job Satisfaction, and Happiness Level according to Parenting Type

VariablenPerception of work–family balancePerception of work–family balance systemJob satisfactionHappiness level

Whether a child needs care
No483.07±0.682.87±0.953.38±0.54 3.33±0.47
Caring form
1 person742.93±0.670.3843.18±0.860.2763.26±0.501.5703.21±0.450.250
2 people123.04±0.483.31±0.633.44±0.323.30±0.32
3 people42.71±1.053.44±0.972.98±0.473.15±0.66

SD: standard deviation.

*p<0.05 by one-way ANOVA or t-test.

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