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Table 3

Difference between Saliva Flow Rate and Saliva Test according to PSS Level


Low (n=14) (PSS # 0∼13)High (n=56) (PSS # ≥14)
Saliva flow rate2.31±0.301.34±0.42<0.001
Saliva test
Cariogenic bacteria level18.00±14.9024.71±20.780.260
Buffer capacity28.36±23.8417.48±9.040.008
Occult blood15.50±19.319.27±11.010.114
Leukocyte level24.64±20.3326.88±22.770.739
Protein level28.07±14.0125.02±12.630.431
Ammonia level21.93±20.8528.18±20.080.305

Values are presented as mean±standard deviation.

PSS: perceived stress scale.

ap-value obtained from Mann–Whitney U-test.

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