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Table 1

Measurement Data of the Subjects

Age (y)21.64±2.20
Blood testWBC (103/ml)6.38±1.43
PLT (103/ml)280.83±46.15
Hb (g/dl)12.53±0.70
Saliva flow rate1.54±0.56
Saliva testCariogenic bacteria level23.37±19.83
Buffer capacity19.66±13.84
Occult blood10.51±13.16
Leukocyte level26.43±22.18
Protein level25.63±12.87
Ammonia level26.93±20.24
Perceived stress scaleSum of total16.96±4.32
Low14 (20.0)
High56 (80.0)
Total70 (100.0)

Values are presented as mean±standard deviation or number (%).

WBC: white blood cell, PLT: platelet, Hb: hemoglobin.

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