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Table 3

Responses to the Other Various Questions in Study 1 and in Study 2, Respectively

QuestionIn 2018, at the Household Fair11)In 2020, at the Nine-Month Fair12)In 2020, at the Nine-Month Fair12) (subgroup)
Do you know the profession of oral hygienist?
No754 (43.3)
Yes988 (56.7)
Working in a paramedical sector?
No1,690 (97.0)
Yes12 (0.7)
I used to work in a paramedical sector19 (1.1)
I am currently following a paramedical study21 (1.2)
Now that you know you can make an appointment without a referral letter, would you do this?
Absolutely not13 (0.7)
No10 (0.6)
Maybe266 (15.3)
Yes766 (44.0)
Absolutely yes697 (40.0)
If you have children, your child / children has ever been to an oral hygienist?
No876 (50.3)
Yes469 (26.9)
I have no children397 (22.8)
In what kind of practice have you visit the oral hygienist?
A practice of a self-employed oral hygienist19 (9.0)5 (8.2)
A employed oral hygienist in a dental clinic122 (58.1)29 (47.5)
Does not apply69 (32.9)27 (44.3)
Have you ever been treated by another employee (not a dentist or oral hygienist), for example, a prevention-dental assistant?
No145 (69.0)34 (55.7)
Yes56 (26.7)23 (37.7)
I don’t know9 (4.3)4 (6.6)
If you were treated by an oral hygienist: were you referred by the dentist?13434
No42 (20)12 (19.7)
Yes92 (43.8)22 (36.1)
If you have children, were you instructed by an oral health professional about how to brush their children’s dentition?
No78 (37.1)-
Yes70 (33.3)-
I don’t know6 (2.9)-
I have no children56 (26.7)-
Now that you know what an oral hygienist does, do you intent to visit an oral hygienist in the coming year?
Absolutely not9 (4.3)1 (1.6)
Probably not56 (26.7)24 (39.3)
Probably yes58 (27.6)16 (26.2)
Absolutely yes87 (41.4)20 (32.8)

Values are presented as number (%) or number only.

-: not avilable.

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