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Table 1

Difference of Dental Caries Status according to Obesity

VariableNormal group (n=19)Obese group (n=42)p-valueap-valueb
Decayed teeth0.84±1.070.43±0.910.1260.068
Missing teeth0.26±0.560.02±0.150.0830.014
Filled teeth5.89±4.384.64±3.810.2610.393
Decayed surfaces0.84±1.070.79±1.800.9000.534
Missing surfaces1.11±2.660.12±0.770.1290.035
Filled surfaces14.16±13.387.79±7.040.0630.038

Values are presented as mean±standard deviation.

DMFT: decayed-missing-filled teeth, DMFS: decayed-missing- filled surfaces.

aIndependent t-test.

bUnivariate analysis adjusting dental plaque index.

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