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Table 3

Results of Correlation Analysis between the Weather Data and the Selected Keywords

VariableDaily precipitation (mm)Average daily temperature (°C)Keyword search volume (relative value)

chi-tong” (‘toothache’)chi-gwa” (‘dental clinic’)chung-chi” (‘tooth decay’)
Daily precipitation (mm)1
Average daily temperature (°C)0.308**1
Keyword search volume (relative value)
chi-tong” (‘toothache’)−0.066−0.0811
chi-gwa” (‘dental clinic’)0.0470.0030.0031
chung-chi” (‘tooth decay’)0.157 (0.014)*0.0640.0220.149 (0.020)*1

All p-values by Pearson correlation. *p<0.05, **p<0.001.

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