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J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:245-407
Research Articles
Effectiveness of the Invisalign Mandibular Advancement Appliance in Children with Class II Division 1 Malocclusion
So-Youn An , Hyeon-Jin Kim , Ho-Uk Lee , Sang-Ho Bak , Hyo-Jin Kang , and Youn-Soo Shim
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:245-254
A Study on the General Public’s Perceptions of Dental Fear Using Unstructured Big Data
Han-A Cho and Bo-Young Park
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:255-263
Influence of 10-Methacryloyloxydecyl Dihydrogen Phosphate on Cellular Senescence in Osteoblast-Like Cells
Ju Yeon Ban and Sang-Im Lee
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:264-270
The Relationship between Metacognition, Learning Flow, and Problem-Solving Ability of Dental Hygiene Students
Soo-Auk Park
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:271-281
Secreotory Leukocyte Protease Inhibitor Regulates Bone Formation via RANKL, OPG, and Runx2 in Rat Periodontitis and MC3T3-E1 Preosteoblast
Seung-Yeon Lee , Soon-Jeong Jeong , Myoung-Hwa Lee , Se-Hyun Hwang , Do-Seon Lim , and Moon-Jin Jeong
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:282-295
Effects of Gossypetin from Hibiscus sabdariffa on Interleukin-6 Production in Porphyromonas gingivalis Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated Human Gingival Fibroblasts
Ke Huang and Ki-Rim Kim
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:296-301
A Study on the Network Text Analysis about Oral Health in Aging-Well
Seol-Hee Kim
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:302-311
The Influence of Maternal Educational Level on the Oral Health Behavior of Korean Adults
Young-Eun Jang and Su-Kyung Park
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:312-319
Comparison of the Tongue-Palate Pressure Patterns According to the Tongue Pressure in Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Min-Ji Jo , Soo-Min Kim , Seong-Chan Park , Hye-Jin Park , Yun-Seon Lee , Tae-Woo Kim , Ji-Seon Hong , Eui-Yeon Lee , Sung-Hoon Kim , and Sun-Young Han
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:320-329
Influence of Job Crafting on Evidence-Based Practical Skills of Dental Hygienists
Min-ji Kim , Kyu-ri Kim , Yun-ji Kim , Seo-yeon Im , You-bin Cho , Ru-by Choi , and Hee-jung Lim
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:330-342
Bacterial Contamination of Digital Panoramic Dental X-Ray Equipment
Lee-Rang Im , Ji-Hyun Min , and Ki-Rim Kim
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:343-350
Tooth Lightness Changes with Listerine Healthy White after Application of Tooth-Coloring-Inducing Foods
Moon-Jin Jeong , Jung-Hui Son , Soon-Jeong Jeong , Ye-Jin Kim , Hee-Jung Lim , Im-Hee Jung , and Do-Seon Lim
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:351-360
Differences in Perception of Quality Dental Job Conditions and Job Satisfaction between Dentists and Dental Hygienists
Mi-Sook Yoon and Bo-Young Park
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:361-368
Development of Hair Keratin Protein to Accelerate Oral Mucosal Regeneration
So-Yeon Kim
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:369-377
Evaluation of Sex and Age Factors Contributing to the Diagnosis of Oral Frailty in Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Eun-Ha Jung and Sun-Young Han
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:378-388
Antibacterial Efficacy of Dental Sealant Containing Phytoncide
Song-Yi Yang and Myung-Jin Lee
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:389-395
A Study on the Awareness of Dental Hygienists on Maternity Protection and Work-Family Balance Assistance Policy
Seon-Hui Kwak , Bo-Mi Shin , and Soo-Myoung Bae
J Dent Hyg Sci 2023;23:396-407

December 2023, 23 (4)