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J Dent Hyg Sci 2018;18:201-70
Research Articles
The Analysis of Research Trends of Elderly in the Dental Hygiene Discipline
Hwa-Soo Goong, and Kawoun Seo
J Dent Hyg Sci 2018;18:201-209
Association of Periodontitis with Serum Vitamin D Level among Korean Adults
Jaemin Kim, and Hee-jin Hwang
J Dent Hyg Sci 2018;18:210-217
Effect of Fluoride Recharging on Fluoride Release and Surface Properties of Orthodontic Bracket Adhesives
Seon Mi Byeon
J Dent Hyg Sci 2018;18:218-226
Impact of Dentists’ Attitudes and Dental Hygienists’ Services on Dental Anxiety
Jeong A Yang, Su-Young Lee, and Se-Jin Oh
J Dent Hyg Sci 2018;18:227-233
The Relationships between Orthodontic Treatment, Oral Health-Related Quality of Life, and Happiness of among Some High School Students
Hyun-Ok Lee, and Ji-Young Park
J Dent Hyg Sci 2018;18:234-240
A Qualitative Research on Role Conflict Experiences of Clinical Dental Hygienists
Soon-Young Lee, and Soon-Ryun Lim
J Dent Hyg Sci 2018;18:241-251
A Needs Analysis Oral Health Education Contents for Teachers and Parents Using Borich Priority Formula and The Locus for Focus Model
Ji-Su Kim, Yu-Min Kang, and Su-Young Lee
J Dent Hyg Sci 2018;18:252-264
Influence of Some Commercially Available Mouthwashes on Teeth
Ji-Hyun Min
J Dent Hyg Sci 2018;18:265-270
The Journal of Dental Hygiene Science is an official journal of The Korean Society of Dental Hygiene Science. It was launched in 2001, and accepts original research articles, reviews, short communications, case reports in the fields of Dental Hygiene.
Clinical Dental Hygiene Education and Practice based on Dental Hygiene Process
Young-Sik Cho
A pH Measurement Study on Commercial Alcoholic Drinks
Jae-Sun Shim and Ae-Hee Song
An Association of Periodontitis and Diabetes
Jae-Hee Won† and Mi-Na Ha
Received February 16, 2014; Accepted April 30, 2014.