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Table 2

Potential for Dental Erosion from Vitamin Beverages

Brand name pH (pH) TA 5.5 (ml) TA 7.0 (ml) ISO (DpH)
Jeju Samdasu 7.69±0.08a - - −0.02±0.04a
Glaceau Vitamin Water 2.99±0.04b 0.97±0.13a 1.19±0.15a 0.77±0.09b
Daily Lemon 1000 C+ 2.86±0.08b,c 7.03±0.10b,c 7.96±0.17b,c 1.30±0.06c
Bacchus D 2.53±0.05d 6.74±0.13b 8.81±0.13b 1.44±0.05c
Vita 500 2.80±0.04c 6.47±0.31c 7.53±0.34c 1.29±0.11c
Oronamin C 2.71±0.07c 2.37±0.24d 3.34±0.90d 0.81±0.18b
Coca-Cola 2.39±0.03d 0.81±0.02a 2.05±0.19a 0.58±0.05b

Values are presented as mean±standard deviation.

TA: titratable acidity.

a-dDifferent letters within the same column indicate significant differences between groups according to Tukey post hoc analysis at alpha=0.05.

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