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Table 4

Influence of 4C Core Compentence Item Factors on Work Ability

Independence variableDependence variabletp-valueVIF

4C core competence
 Ability to perform roles0.2050.0830.1392.4600.01511.14
 Ability to set goals0.1080.0600.1221.7920.0751.64
 Message conversion ability0.1020.0650.1081.5770.1161.67
 Sound skepticism0.0980.0510.1141.9320.0551.23
 Intellectual fairness0.0940.0590.1001.5930.1131.41
 Intellectual passion0.0710.0580.0901.2380.2171.86
 Performance evaluation0.0420.0860.0410.4920.6232.52
 Opinion exchange0.2550.0630.2714.063<0.0011.58

R2=0.499, adjusted R2=0.471, F=17.812, p<0.001, Durbin–Watson=1.706

The data were analysed by the multiple regression analysis.

Do not show variables that are not statistically significant (p>0.05).

VIF: variance inflation factor.

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