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Table 3

Factors of 4C Core Competence Affecting Work Ability

 Independence variableDependence variabletp-valueVIF

4C core competenceβ
 Communication ability0.5240.1160.313β4.515<0.0011.665
 Critical thinking ability0.1410.1080.1171.2990.1962.811
 Creative problem-solving ability0.0510.1180.0380.4300.6682.654
 Collaborative self-efficacy0.3480.0760.3394.578<0.0011.905

R2=0.466, adjusted R2=0.454, F=40.343, p<0.001, Durbin–Watson=1.711

The data were analysed by the multiple regression analysis.

Do not show variables that are not statistically significant (p>0.05).

VIF: variance inflation factor.

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