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Table 3

Significant Spearmann Coefficients among Cycle Threshold Values of Oral Bacteria in Saliva and Gingival Crevicular Fluid

 BacteriaBaseline2 weeks2 months4 months6 months12 months
16S rRNA vs. FB0.6100.8090.733
16S rRNA vs. PG0.740
16S rRNA vs. TD0.6510.729
16S rRNA vs. SM0.800
16S rRNA vs. PI0.616
FB vs. PG0.6760.7400.7440.6830.767
FB vs. TD0.6790.9090.6970.6830.6100.681
FB vs. PI0.7630.834
PG vs. TD0.7720.6810.7090.687
PG vs. PI0.840
TD vs. PI0.8240.8340.6340.9190.726
16S rRNA_g vs. FB_g0.9590.8380.7280.6770.8190.825
16S rRNA_g vs. TD_g0.8890.6810.755
FB_g vs. PG_g0.788
FB_g vs. TD_g0.8790.7510.7880.757
PG_g vs. TD_g0.956
PG_g vs. PI_g0.669
TD_g vs. PI_g0.7880.857

FB: Fusobacterium nucleatum, PG: Porphyromonas gingivalis, TD: Treponema denticola. SM: Streptococcus mutans, PI: Prevotella intermedia, _g: in gingival crevicular fluid.

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