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Table 3

The Depths of Erosion Lesion and the Max ΔF Value after Immersing Specimens in the Beverages Used in the Present Study

Measure Product name n Mean±standard deviation p-value
Depths of erosion lesion (μm) Bacchus-D 5 157.44a±18.29 0.001
OronaminC drink 5 55.04a±17.26
Vita 500 5 67.28a±16.44
Coca-Cola 5 72.24a±11.46
Jeju Samdasoo 5 0.00b±0.00
Max ΔF Bacchus-D 5 −0.17abc±0.05 0.003
OronaminC drink 5 −0.12ac±0.08
Vita 500 5 −0.17abc±0.09
Coca-Cola 5 −0.42b±0.09
Jeju Samdasoo 5 −0.04c±0.26

Max ΔF (%) indicate the maximum value of fluorescence disappearance of the tooth surface exposed to the beverage comparing with the healthy tooth surface.

The differences in depth of erosion lesion and the Max ΔF value were analyzed using ANOVA and the Kruskal–Wallis test, respectively.

a~cValues with the same letter superscripts are not significant in Bonferroni correction test at α=0.005.

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