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Table 5

Organizational Commitment, Occupational Stress, and Interpersonal Relations Depending on Adult Attachment Styles

 VariableAdult attachmentF (p)

Organizational commitment3.23±0.9423.16±0.6973.15±0.4053.02±0.628 2.391 (0.068)
Occupational stress3.50±0.719ab3.76±0.624b3.30±0.754a3.61±0.592ab 8.269 (<0.001)
Interpersonal relations3.90±0.439a3.86±0.397b3.47±0.408a3.29±0.388a41.340 (<0.001)

The data were analysed by ANOVA test.

Values are presented as mean±standard deviation.

a,bThe same characters were not significant by Scheffe test at=0.05. The same letters indicate non-significant difference between groups based on multiple comparison test.

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