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Table 3

Effects of Emotional Labor, Demographic Variable on Somatization

Model 1Model 2Model 3

Total emotional labor0.562<0.0010.458<0.001
Age (y)−0.0750.5500.0680.545
Level of education−0.0710.338−0.0630.339
Employment history−0.0120.9380.0430.755
Post position0.0970.3260.0010.989
Average monthly income0.1640.1280.0320.748
A 5-day work week0.1680.0220.0910.165
Night clinic0.0510.5000.0780.261
Perceived health status−0.531<0.001−0.388<0.001
Adjusted R2=0.312Adjusted R2=0.248Adjusted R2=0.424
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