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Table 6

Necessity of Oral Health Items and Specialists in Dementia National Responsibility according to Dementia Stage Group

   VariableDementia stagep

No memory problemPre-dementiaDementia entry
Necessity of dementia national responsibility4.06±0.93.97±1.044.54±0.780.107
Necessity of dental health items in dementia national responsibility4.11±0.864.02±0.934.46±0.780.22
Necessity of oral specialists in dementia national responsibility4.15±0.944.21±0.814.62±0.510.228

Data were analyzed by Kruskal–Wallis analysis.

A 5-point Likert scale was used to assess subjective perception; no need at all=1, no need=2, normal=3, need=4, very need=5.

Values are presented as mean±standard deviation.

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