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Table 2

Awareness and Necessity of Dementia National Responsibility System Oral Health Items by Participants (n=155)

Awareness of dementia national responsibility
 Know45 (29.0)
 Do not know110 (71.0)
What kind of media did you got information from
 Do not know109 (70.3)
 TV24 (15.5)
 Newspaper8 (5.2)
 Internet6 (3.9)
 Etc.8 (5.2)
Necessity of dementia national responsibility
 No need10 (6.5)
 Normal23 (14.8)
 Need122 (78.7)
Necessity of dental health items in dementia national responsibility
 No need10 (6.5)
 Normal18 (11.6)
 Need127 (81.9)
What items do you want from dementia national responsibility?
 Expansion of dental fee88 (56.8)
 Mandatory oral health education to caregiver16 (10.3)
 Setup oral management guidance classroom28 (18.1)
 Expansion of visit oral care18 (11.6)
 Etc.5 (3.2)
What kind of oral care do you want to receive?
 Education9 (5.8)
 Treatment51 (32.9)
 Education and treatment90 (58.1)
 Etc.5 (3.2)
What kind of medication and treatment do you want to receive?
 Oral hygiene management education23 (14.8)
 Tooth maintenance/repair59 (38.1)
 Periodontal disease treatment34 (21.9)
 Denture education31 (20.0)
 Etc.8 (5.2)
Necessity of oral specialists in dementia national responsibility
 No need5 (3.2)
 Normal22 (14.2)
 Need128 (82.6)

Data were analyzed by frequency analysis.

Values are presented as n (%).

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