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Table 6

Factors Influencing the Unmet Dental Needs

   VariableBSEAdjusted OR95% CIp-value
 No (ref.)1.000
Personal income level
 High (ref.)1.000
Regular oral check-ups
 Yes (ref.)1.000
Perceived oral health
 Good (ref.)1.000
Toothache within a year
 No (ref.)1.000
Speaking difficulty
 Uncomfortable (ref.)1.000
Chewing difficulty
 No (ref.)1.000
Periodontal disease
 No (ref.)1.000
Untreated dental caries
 No (ref.)1.000
Limitation of activity
 No (ref.)1.000

By complex samples regression adjusted for decayed, missing, filled tooth (DMFT) index.

SE: standard error, OR: odds ratio, CI: confidence interval, ref.: reference.

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