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Table 3

Reason for Unmet Dental Needs of the Single-Person Householder

   VariablenWeighted%a (SE)
Financial burden308553,04952.4 (2.8)
Too far to go2535,2673.3 (0.8)
Busy with school or work46134,41612.7 (2.0)
Poor mobility2026,9902.6 (0.6)
No one help with their children12,2630.2 (0.2)
Lower on the priority scale80182,88617.3 (2.4)
Fear of dental treatment53100,5499.5 (1.4)
Other reasons1120,2941.9 (0.7)
Total5441,055,715100 (0.0)

SE: standard error.

aPercentage of weighted population.

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