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Table 1

Definition of Variables

  Variable  Content
Unmet dental needsYes/no
Predisposing factors
 Age group (y)20∼29/30∼39/40∼49/50∼59/60∼74/≥75
 Educational level≤Elementary school/middle school/ high school/ ≥university
 Diabetes mellitusYes/no
Enabling factors
 Personal income levelHigh/middle/low
 Type of medical insuranceCommunity based/employed/ medical aid
 Private health insuranceYes/no
 ResidenceDong/eup, myeon
 Regular oral check-upsYes/no
 Toothbrushing per dayYes/no
 Economic activityYes/no
Need factors
 Perceived oral healthGood/normal/poor
 Toothache within a yearYes/no
 Speaking difficultyComfortable/unawareness/ uncomfortable
 Chewing difficultyYes/no
 Periodontal diseaseYes (periodontal pocket depth ≥4 mm)/no (periodontal pocket depth <4 mm)
 Untreated dental cariesYes (DTa≥1)/no (DTa=0)
 Limitation of activityYes/no

aMean number of decayed permanent teeth (DT).

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