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Fig. 1.

Effects of light-emitting diodes curing unit (LCU) irradiation on cell viability and morphology of MDPC-23 cells and lipopolysaccharide (LPS) stimulated MDPC-23 cells. The cells were irradiated for 20 seconds using LCU with wavelengths of 440 to 490 nm and LPS was treated with 100 ng/ml. (A) The cell viability on LCU irradiation was assessed with MTT assay. The results obtained from three independent experiments were expressed as a ratio of values in the surviving cell to the values in the control group (no treatment group of LPS and LCU), and the values were expressed as mean±standard deviation. (B) Morphological changes of MDPC-23 cells by the LPS alone treatment, the LCU alone irradiation and co-treatment group of LPS and LCU were observed by inverted phase contrast microscope. Scale bars=60 μm.

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