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Table 2

Comparison of Job Satisfaction according to the Salary

 ClassificationN (%)Mean±SDp-value
Appropriateness of salary<0.001
 Yes1,598 (34.3)2.75±0.632
 No3,065 (65.7)2.41±0.703
Annual salary increase degree per year (1,000 KRW)0.046
 <12,000a1,917 (41.1)2.50±0.696
 ≥12,000, <14,000ab2,456 (52.7)2.54±0.694
 ≥14,000b290 (6.2)2.60±0.757
Intensive provisioning*<0.001
 Yes1,462 (31.4)2.62±0.689
 No3,201 (68.6)2.48±0.699
Support for rewards, vacation expenses<0.001
 Yes2,617 (56.1)2.59±0.695
 No2,046 (43.9)2.44±0.695
Overtime pay<0.001
 Yes1,360 (29.2)2.65±0.692
 No3,303 (70.8)2.47±0.969
Nightly work allowances<0.001
 Yes1,234 (26.5)2.65±0.690
 No3,429 (73.5)2.48±0.697
Total4,663 (100)2.53±0.699

Data was analyzed by t-test and one-way ANOVA statistics.

SD: standard deviation, KRW: Korean won.

a,bThe same letter indicates no significant difference by Scheffe.

*Goal achievement, number of scaling, etc.

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