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Table 4

Positive and Negative Effects of the Inclusion of Dental Hygienists in the Category of Medical Personnel

 VariableDental hygienistDentistp-value
Positive effects
 Development of dental community4.35±0.773.31±0.10<0.001
 Boost of visiting oral health care4.16±0.923.10±0.13<0.001
 Oral health promotion3.86±0.942.79±0.16<0.001
 Expanding Public dental health service for the vulnerable4.00±0.903.09±0.19<0.001
 Increase in hospital income4.02±0.942.91±0.17<0.001
 A clear division of work4.40±0.783.13±0.15<0.001
 Expanded perception of dental hygienist4.48±0.693.37±0.20<0.001
Negative effects
 Worsening of labor shortage3.01±0.053.92±0.96<0.001
 Aggravation of salary increase3.54±0.954.13±0.85<0.001
 Increase of commissioned care3.53±0.103.84±0.890.003
 Increasing task conflicts3.17±0.163.69±0.99<0.001
 Increased cost of re-education3.47±0.983.78±0.940.003

Values are presented as mean±standard deviation.

p-value obtained from t-test.

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