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Table 3

Precedent Tasks for the Inclusion of Dental Hygienists in the Category of Medical Personnel

 VariableDental hygienistDentistp-value
Area of occupation
 Job ability4.38±0.644.17±0.830.006
 Professional consciousness4.50±0.614.23±0.77<0.001
 Professional development4.41±0.703.95±0.88<0.001
Area of society
 Sympathy of dental hygienist4.25±0.683.77±0.91<0.001
 Collaboration among concerned organizations4.31±0.673.90±0.93<0.001
 Public sympathy4.45±0.723.77±1.02<0.001
 Persuasion of the central government4.49±0.673.88±0.02<0.001
Area of institution
 Quality management of dental hygienist education4.39±0.634.15±0.910.007
 Unification of school systems3.56±0.103.44±0.280.340
 Improvement of national license exam4.19±0.803.88±0.910.001
 Strengthen license management4.00±0.914.02±0.930.843

p-value obtained from t-test.

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