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Table 2

Legitimacy and Grounds for Legitimacy of the Inclusion of Dental Hygienists in the Category of Medical Personnel

 VariableLegitimacyGrounds for legitimacy

YesCompatibility of workProfessionalism of the jobCompatibility of the curriculumSimilarity in medical system
Total286/387 (73.9)3.88±0.134.18±0.943.96±0.004.02±0.07
 Dental hygienist220/259 (84.9)4.06±0.104.53±0.654.27±0.824.23±0.98
 Dentist66/128 (51.6)3.52±0.113.49±0.053.35±0.053.59±0.11
Occupation group age (y)
 Dental hygienist
  ≤2581 (85.3)4.09±0.054.54±0.634.25±0.934.27±0.92
  26~35112 (83.0)4.01±0.134.49±0.674.25±0.734.21±0.02
  ≥3627 (93.1)4.14±0.134.66±0.614.38±0.864.17±0.97
  ≤3536 (73.5)4.08±0.64a3.96±0.71a3.90±0.68a4.04±0.89a
  36~4516 (53.3)3.63±0.16a3.73±0.94a3.43±0.17a3.67±0.12a
  ≥4614 (28.6)2.90±0.14b2.88±0.11b2.76±0.99b3.08±0.12b

Values are presented as n (%).

p-value obtained from chi-square test or t-test or ANOVA.

a,bThe same characters are not significant by Scheffe test at α=0.05 (a>b).

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