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Table 3

Comparison of Oral Health Behavior Before and After according to Dental Hygiene Process of Care: Method and Frequency of Brushing, Using of Oral Health Care Product, Specific Interventions

Client No.Method of brushingFrequency of brushing (/d)Oral care productSpecific interventions

1Vertical and horizontalRolling and bass2 times3 timesNoneInterdental brush, once/dDFS5568
2HorizontalModified bass2 times2 timesToothpickInterdental brush, 3 times/dSmoking cessation10 cigaretttes/d5 cigaretttes/d
3HorizontalRolling2 times2 timesNoneNoneTranstheoretical model: brushingContemplationAction
4HorizontalRolling2 times2 timesToothpickNoneTranstheoretical model: brushingContemplationAction
5VerticalRolling and bass3 times3 timesNoneInterdental brush, 2~3 times/wkTranstheoretical model: interdental brushingPreparationAction
6HorizontalRolling and bassOnce2 timesNoneInterdental brush, 2 times/dTranstheoretical model: brushing and interdental brushingPreparationAction
7HorizontalRolling2 times2 timesMouth rinseMouth rinse-
8VerticalBassOnceOnceNoneNoneTranstheoretical model: brushingPreparationAction

DFS: Dental Fear Survey.

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