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Table 1

Characteristics of the Clients

 CharacteristicClient No.

Age (y)4453594060545060
EducationCollegeHigh school--Elementary schoolCollegeElementary schoolElementary school
Dentist office visits within the past yearNoNoNoNoYesYesNoYes
Brushing methodVertical and horizontal methodHorizontal methodHorizontal methodHorizontal methodVertical methodHorizontal methodHorizontal methodVertical method
Frequency of brushing (/d)2 times2 times2 times2 times3 timesOnce2 timesOnce
Using of oral care productsNoneToothpickNoneToothpickNoneNoneMouth rinseNone
Frequency of oral care products (/d)-3 times-Once--3 times-
Smoking cessation planNo smoking cessation planPlan of no smoking within 1 mo--No smoking cessation planNo smoking cessation plan-Plan of no smoking within 6 mo
Frequency of drinking2~3 times a weekLess than once a monthOnce a half yearOnce a month2~3 times a monthOver 4 times a week2~3 times a week2~3 times a week
Daily food habitsVery saltySlightly saltySlightly saltySlightly saltySlightly flatEat normallySlightly flatEat normally
Frequency of sugar intake2~3 times a weekOver twice a dayOnce a dayOnce a dayOver twice a dayOver twice a dayOver twice a dayDon’t eating
The teeth are fractured or brokenaNoNoNoYesNoYesNoYes
Teeth tingling and painaNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNo
Gum pain or bleedingaYesYesNoNoNoNoYesNo
Tingling or aching in the tongue or the mouth cheekaNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Unpleasant mouth odoraYesYesNoNoNoYesNoYes
Have bad oral habitaNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Dry mouthaNoNoNoYesYesNoYesYes
Pesence or absence of the dentist office fearYes-------
DFS score55-------
General diseaseHypertension, hepatitis BCardiac infarction, anxiety disorderHypertension, arthritisEpilepsyHypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, prostatism, glaucoma, goutHypertensionHypertensionHypertension, diabetes, gout

DFS: Dental Fear Survey.

aOral symptoms and discomfort within the past year.

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